1. Bicycles Increase Mobility For Those Who Don't Have Access To Motor Transport.
2. Bikes Increase Mobility For Those Who Don't Qualify To Drive A Car.
3. Bicycles Increase Mobility For Those Who Can't Afford Motor Transport.
4. Bikes Increase Mobility For Those Who Don't Want To Drive Motor Vehicles.
5. You Get Exercise Form Bicycling
6. Save Travel Money By Biking
7. Reduce Stress
8. Some companies actually pay you to bike to work
9. Biking Is Therapeutic For The Mind & Spirit
10. Cycling Is Therapeutic For The Body
11. Your commute will be the best part of your day instead of the worst part of your day.
12. Cycling Improves Self-Esteem
13. Save On The Membership To A Health Club, Get Your Exercise Bicycling To Work
14. Cycling Is Low Impact On The Body
15. Cycling Is Low Impact On The Environment
16. Bicycling In Your Neighbourhood Is A Great Way To Meet Your Neighbours
17. Camaraderie of Cyclists Makes It A Great Way To Meet A Nice Stranger With A Similar Interest
18. Bicyclist Can Ignore the Traffic Reports
19. Feel the Self-satisfaction Of Biking Past A Traffic Jam In The Bike Lane.
20. Predictable Commute Time
21. Easier Parking
22. Cheaper Parking
23. Leaving Your Car At Home Provide A Parking Space For Someone Less Fortunate
24. If You Are Lazy, Your Bicycle Provides Door-To-Door Transport (You Don't Have To Walk Across A Vast Parking Lot)
25. Reduce Demand For Parking Lots
26. Reduce Energy Consumption (see below)
27. Reduce Air Pollution -- Bicyclist Emit Few Gases
28. Reduce Water Pollution -- Bikes Don't Drip Brake Fluid, Anti-Freeze, Transmission Fluid, Etc.
29. Reduce Noise Pollution -- Even Without A Muffler Bikes Are Quiet
30. Reduces Road Wear -- Even If Cyclist Feel Like They Have The Weight Of The World On Their Shoulders.
31. Prevent and protest the sanctioned murder of responsible citizens.
32. Bikes Small Profile Reduce Congestion
33. Reduce Need To Lay Additional Asphalt And Concrete
34. Easier to Vary Your Route By Bicycle
35. Bicycling Improve Cardiovascular Health
36. Better muscle tone, bone mass improvement, clearer skin
37. Healthier People Have Lower Health Care Expenses
38. The Exercise Increase Your Productivity At Work
39. Increased Bike Uses Generates Bike Facilities Which Increase Property Values
40. Bicycling Gives You More Fresh Air Than A Sauna And You Can Still Sweat And Clean Your Pores
41. Bike Commuting Is A License To Dress Weird And Still Feel Smug
42. Urban Cycling Keeps You Humble
43. Biking Is Virtually Life Long Activity
44. Bicycling Can Be Enjoyed In A Wide Variety Of Topography
45. Cycling Can Be Enjoyed In A Wide Variety Of Climates
46. Bicycles Are A Great Means To See The World
47. Bicycling is cool.
48. Biking Is fun.

source: http://www.crazycolour.com