1. Fear
2. Children
3. Lack of money
4. She loves her partner
5. Her partner “loves” her
6. The children love them both
7. Law enforcement blame her
8. Clergy blame her
9. Relatives blame her
10. She blames herself
11. Therapists blame her
12. Her batterer blames her
13. She’s a drug addict
14. Her partner is a pimp
15. Her father abused her
16. Her mother abused her
17. Her partner is an alcoholic
18. Her partner is a drug addict
19. Her partner says, “I’m sorry”
20. Her partner says, “I love you”
21. Her partner says, “I’ll never do it
22. Her partner says, “I’ll take the
23. Her partner says, “I’ll kill you if
you leave”
24. Her partner says, “I’ll kill myself if
you leave”
25. Fear of losing custody of her
26. She’s deaf
27. She’s blind
28. She’s mentally impaired
29. She can’t read
30. She’s in a wheel chair
31. She can’t speak English
32. She doesn’t have papers to be in
this country
33. The shelters are full
34. She’ll become homeless
35. No one believes she is being
36. She doesn’t think she is being
37. She knows the welfare system will
abuse her more
38. She’s isolated
39. She’s depressed
40. It’s not the right time
41. She’s never told anyone
42. She’s afraid of the unknown
43. She’s a public figure
44. Her partner is a public figure
45. Her partner threatens to abuse pets
46. Her partner is her personal care
47. Her partner threatens to expose her
as a lesbian
48. She feels that there is no help
49. She’s tried to leave before
50. Her partner found her before

source: https://www.vcpionline.org